Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Card Costume


The Stuff you'll need:
Deck of cards(for inspiration)
Xacto knife
Glue or spray adhesive
Heavy Duty self adhesive Velcro
needle and thread or safety pins
red or black felt
acrylic paint and brushes if your artsy
red or black hat

Here's how to make it:
  1. Look thru the deck and make a choice as to which card you'd like to be. Draw the design on the cardboard, or take it to a local print shop and have them enlarge it for you. Use the spray adhesive to glue it to the foam core. Smooth out any wrinkles, using a credit card's smooth edge will help.
  2. To attach the card to the sweatshirt, stick an 8 inch strip of velcro on the back of the card and another on the sweatshirt. To make sure the card stays put use a needle and thread to firmly secure the velcro to the sweatshirt. (or for a no-sew version use safety pins)
  3. Top off your card costume with a cute hat that ties in with the suit and color of the card you've chosen. Cut two symbols in the shape of the diamond, club, heart or spade. Use glue or spray adhesive to attach to the hat.

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