Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Painted DIY Chairs

From the Paint + Tofu blog, DIY Painted chairs.

Also Known as Chairs in BOOTS!

 So Cute! I am plotting a Chairs in Socks version… 
Vintage socks… 
Nooo... WAIT!


Look at these colour combos. Yes! YEESS!

Now to jot down the shopping list and needed items from the original blog post here: Painted DIY Chairs

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Owl I want is some DIY Artwork!

Make this easy wall art owl art by using a die-cutting tool to cut multiples of your favourite design in coordinating papers. Leftover stickers that you love also will work. 

Simply fill the 4x6-inch mat openings in a frame. 
To make it the perfect gift, choose a theme and colour palette that suits your recipient. 

If you do not have a Die Cutting tool,your local scrapbooking store may have a machine available for use. If all else fails, cut yourself out a template and trace onto scrapbook paper, bust out the exact knife and scissors.