Friday, April 5, 2013

Stencil - Alice in Wonderland Mushroom

Wall stencils are really cool, but can be pricey, and never seem to be for sale in the same city that I live in (Blah! Shipping Charges!!). So I got to thinking.... I betcha I am not the only one that longs for some Pizazz! So how can I make this happen? A little brainstorming and this is what I came up with. Do you want to make your own wall stencils? Read on Brotha!

HI started by creating this 34inch by 22inch poster that you can download from the PDF Link at the bottom of the post. Once you've grabbed it, print it out on regular 8.5" x 11" paper and assemble it to look like this:
Ta Da!
But wait, there's more...

Cool right?

Get some carbon paper from your local art store. (Opus framing sells it in sheets, and I have come across it in pads at office supply stores.) Put the carbon paper on the back of the stencil you've masterfully printed and assembled ;) and use it to draw in the lines of the image. Once complete, remove the paper and you are ready to paint it in. Not handy with a brush? Give markers a try. 

If you are a tenant like so many of us are, you can't be coloring or painting on the walls without someone getting grumpy about it. In that case you have other options. Here's a few surfaces that would work:
  1. A piece of Hardboard from the local hardwre store. (Places like Home Depot will cut your board to size for you for a small fee.) In this case you'd also need to pick up some light colored paint to prime the hardboard as it comes in a dark brown color.
  2. Art Store Pre-Stretched canvas. Get one big one, or 8 small ones and draw the outline on there and hang on the wall.
  3. Pick up an old picture from a garage sale or thrift store and reuse the canvas, even the great renaissance painters reused thier canvases!
  4. Raw canvas. Think old school tapestry. Paint right onto the canvas and hang.

I wanna see your finished products! Send me a link or post in the comments. Lets have a painting party! :)