Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Starting Over

It's good to remember you always have the option to say: Fuck It, I'm out!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

DIY - Pallet Bench

Spring is in the air. With the snow finally melting it has me thinking of backyard bbq's and sunny afternoon get togethers, which means I'm going to need some seating. 

Step 1. Find some free wood: I looked in the local classifieds and found a place giving away pallets. 
Step 2: Stop by the hardware store and pick up some screws, sandpaper and paint.
You'll also need something to cut the pallets with (we used a saws-all or reciprocating saw), a drill, a hammer (for demolition and nail removal) and a paint brush.

First thing we did was cut the pallet in half (See top picture). Then we used the hammer to take apart the piece of the pallet we cut off. (See top left of the 1st picture, that's the pile of wood that will make your legs)

Once you have the pallet dissasembled  the pallet to look like the above picture figure out the pieces that will become your legs. With the pallet upside down use the drill to attach the legs with a few screws. If the legs feel wobbly screw a length of wood to each legs to act as a cross brace. 
Now get that sand paper out and take off any rough edges along the top of the seat. (I used an 80Grit heavy duty paper)

Once that is all done its time to paint! Yay! Finally! 
I used a product called Painters Touch Satin Brush On (A product I have used before and liked) Espresso color, available at Home Depot and Rona and possibly other local hardware shops. 

Link Party: @PJH Designs