Thursday, February 14, 2013

DIY - Modern Art

So you say you have some blank walls in the house in need of artwork? Try out this easy this easy idea from "The Weekend Artist" by Gerard Smith

You can make your own art easily with a mug/jar/glass/bowl and some paint.

Squish out a generous amount of paint on to a flat surface large enough for you to dip the mouth of your glass in. Tupperware lids work good for this. If you can't fish something out of your recycling, some clear cello wrap over a cookie sheet will do the trick.

Dab and stamp away until you have a design you like. If you find you've gone overboard, you can always paint the entire canvas and start again when the background color is dry.

If you are the paranoid sort, you can always cut a sheet of paper the size of your canvas and do a few trial runs until you come up with a layout you like. 

Try it out, upload a pic and send me a link, I always want to see how it turned out! 
Happy Stamping!


  1. I Love this. I wish I had the pic of the one my niece and I Did for her nursery so, I could upload it. We used pinks and browns with a yellow background. This is putting me in an art mood. Nice work.

    1. Uh ohh... Art moods often lead to messy kitchen tables! (at my house anyways) ha ha. Side effect of greatness :)