Monday, October 15, 2012

Pretty Pumpkins

Put down the knife - painted pumpkins look twice as nice with half the work. You'll never carve again!

Painted Pumpkin Display

Painted Pattern: Paint the pumpkin with the lightest color first, then create your vertical stripes by following its natural indents. For your horizontal lines, slowly spin on a Lazy Susan.
Tip! Don't use masking tape as a guide; it will remove your base coat.

Precious Metal: Give your pumpkin the royal treatment with gold leaf and spray adhesive. Wash and dry the pumpkin and spray with adhesive. Lay foil over the top, one piece at a time, smoothing down into creases with a paintbrush as you go. Work your way around the pumpkin and don't worry about crinkles; they add to the effect.

Pretty Pedestal Pumpkins

Hot Hues: Use a hardware-store paint chip as your palette, and for contrast pick colors a few shades apart. Experiment with texture, too: A matte finish has a contemporary feel, while a gloss is more showy. 
Tip! Make it for less with tester-size paints.