Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Turquoise Chair Makeover


A Big bold patterned wallpaper on the wall and on the chair, Delicious! Use a chunk of the wallpaper to make a stencil, t-shirt paint, and a stiff bristle brush from the local art store will work well to transfer the pattern via stencil onto the fabric. Once dry, Iron to set the paint and reupholster that chair bay-bee.

Sit back and think about how sexy your new space is. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Beautiful Hutch Makeover

A little TLC and this hutch is creamy and delicious.

Start by giving the whole thing a light sanding to help the paint stick on. Take off any hardware and tape off the glass to protect it from paint.Take your time and give the entire hutch 2 coats of paint, waiting for it to dry completely between coats. 

Apply wallpaper to the back of the shelves, put the hardware back on and you're done.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ghost Gourds Entry Decoration

Get yourself a few Gourds to paint white, trim a few trees and you've got the main supplies to create this halloween themed entry way. Use household paint or acrylics to paint the gourds stark white, once dry add a ghostly face and hang from the eaves. The branches mask the gourds strings for a spooky floating effect.

Spooktacular Entry Way

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pretty Pumpkins

Put down the knife - painted pumpkins look twice as nice with half the work. You'll never carve again!

Painted Pumpkin Display

Painted Pattern: Paint the pumpkin with the lightest color first, then create your vertical stripes by following its natural indents. For your horizontal lines, slowly spin on a Lazy Susan.
Tip! Don't use masking tape as a guide; it will remove your base coat.

Precious Metal: Give your pumpkin the royal treatment with gold leaf and spray adhesive. Wash and dry the pumpkin and spray with adhesive. Lay foil over the top, one piece at a time, smoothing down into creases with a paintbrush as you go. Work your way around the pumpkin and don't worry about crinkles; they add to the effect.

Pretty Pedestal Pumpkins

Hot Hues: Use a hardware-store paint chip as your palette, and for contrast pick colors a few shades apart. Experiment with texture, too: A matte finish has a contemporary feel, while a gloss is more showy. 
Tip! Make it for less with tester-size paints.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

6Pack Room Divider Screen

This project comes from the book: Eco-Craft by Susan Wasinger, and is one of 30 projects in the book.

You will need:

40 plastic 6 pk holders
6 boards of 1"x2" pine, 6 feet long
4 pieces of 3/4" trim, 8 feet long
12 wood screws 2 1/4" long
four 2" hinges
1/4" brads or tacks
1" finish nails
Water Based wood stain
Baking Parchment
An Iron
Saw and Miter box
Power Screwdriver


  1. Sandwich a 6 pack holder between 2 pieces of baking parchment. Move the hot iron over the surface for about 30 seconds. Let the parchment cool until it pulls away from the plastic. Then gently peel the parchment apart.
  2. Overlap the bottom edge of one holder with the top edge of the next. Cover with parchment and repeat as you did in step 1. Repeat until you have 3 sheets of plastic, with each being one plastic holder wide by 13 holders long. The "fabric" pieces should be about 8"x45" to fit into the wood panels.
  3. Cut the wood for the panel frames using the saw and miter box. You will need 6 pieces of 1" x 2" pine for the side frames, each about 58" long. Then cut 6 more 7" cross pieces.
  4. Drill two holes in the sides of the long pieces: one 3 3/4" from the top and the other 48 5/8" from the top. Drill a hole in the centre of each end of the cross-braces.
  5. Line up the pre-drilled holes of the side frame pieces and the cross pieces. Drive the screws into place. Hold the wood flat so the panels are square. Once you have assembled the panels, measure the opening and cut your trim pieces to fit. Be sure to mitre the corner pieces at a 45Degree angle for a tidy fit.
  6. Apply the water based stain to the wood pieces and let dry completely.
  7. Lay the plastic sheets in the opening of the wood panels, it should overlap the edge about 1/2" on all sides. Hammer the tiny tacks through the plastic into the wood to secure. One tack every 4-6 inches should do the trick.
  8. Nail the trim into place to cover the plastic edges.
  9. Measure, mark and screw the hinges into place, with two hinges along each adjacent side. For the 3 fold Screen to stand up properly, each set should hinge in opposite directions.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Stacked Pumpkin Message

Create a no-carve pumpkin decoration for trick-or-treaters this year.
Pick three short, wide pumpkins for your display. Sketch with transfer paper one word per pumpkin, and use black acrylic paint to fill in the outline. Stack pumpkins on an urn laced with creepy vines or spooky spiderwebs for a festive entryway.