Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Circuit Savy Nerd Gear

Circuit Board Sterling Silver Necklaces Set of 4

Pieces of recycled circuit board in your choice of color cut and ground to fit into small sterling silver bezel cups. The circuits are covered in glossy resin. The circuit part of each pendant is 3/4 inches (18mm) across and attached to a sterling silver cable necklace by a bail. Available on Etsy.

Deluxe Edition Circuit iPhone 4s / Verizon 4 Decal Skin

The Circuit Board skin, makes your iPhone look like its wearing its birthday suit. Our skins are meant to make your stuff look cooler, not make them bomb proof. So don't go flashing them around in the bad part of town and skipping them across lakes because they do not grant your electronics super-powers. $10.00 at Killer Duck

Circuit Board Tshirt Cool Geeky Technology Computer Shirt 

Super cool, super techy, super geeky, this wicked graphic tee is totally IT chic! Wow your techy friends or be the envy of any IT help desk! $16.00 on Etsy