Sunday, January 1, 2012

Easy-to-Make Clock

What you'll need:

Scrapbook paper
Foam-core board
Spray adhesive
Chipboard numbers, paint, and glue (optional)
  1. Decide on your clock's shape. 
  2. Adhere paper to foam-core board using spray adhesive. 
  3. Cut out the desired shape using a crafts knife. 
  4. If desired, paint chipboard numbers in a coordinating color; let dry. 
  5. Attach to the clock face with glue.
  6. Mark the location for the clockworks. 
  7. Using a 5/16-inch-diameter dowel sharpened to a point (or a round pencil or awl), puncture a 5/16-inch hole.
  8. Carefully trim excess paper from the hole with a crafts knife.
  9. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to attach the clockworks.

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