Saturday, December 31, 2011

Storing Holiday Decorations

Its that time of year again, time to put away the glitter and bows and brace yourself for the eventual Credit Card bills. Here are a few tips and tricks for putting away all of your merriment.

Don't toss loads of wrapping paper and other packaging materials. 
Instead of throwing away used gift wrap and tissue paper, run it through a paper shredder and use the fluffy strips as packing filler when you're putting away your decorations.

Maybe you don't have the space to store all your trimmings?
Evaluate your decorations annually, and keep only what you are really going to use. If an item is damaged or has lost its color, get rid of it. Give yourself permission to let some of that stuff go. And consider using natural accents―nuts, pinecones, and fresh greenery or flowers―that you can toss after the New Year.

Problem: Plastic lawn ornaments take up too much space when boxed. 
Hot Tip: Save the zippered garment bags you get when you buy a new suit or dress, and use them to protect bulky plastic figures, such as sleighs and reindeer. Then hang the bags in a closet or on a nail in your attic.

Have you perfected your decorating scheme, and don't want to forget it? 
Hot Tip: Take a few snaps of the finished product and print the photos out and tape to the outside of the box. You will know exactly how it looked last year. (no fuzzy memories or confusion) Its also helpful to label each string of lights, segment of garland, or ball of mistletoe with a marker and masking tape as you take it down so you'll always know which item to hang in the entryway and which is just the right size for the mantel. 

Do you need to store your decorations in the basement, which is always damp?
Trick: Use plastic storage containers with tight seals, and place them up off the floor on shelves or palettes, in case of flooding. If you have some of those Gel silica packs from old shoe boxes, throw them into the mix. Works for new products why not old?