Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Monster Madness

Well I think it has been a good ten years or so since I've tried to crochet anything and to be honest, i didn't miss it. I wasn't sitting around on friday nights thinking about yarn..... until I came across this Crafty is Cool blog post to make monsters. 

Here's the Inspiration:

 And Here's my 5 monsters. I ended up hanging them on my christmas tree. Even monsters enjoy the Christmas season. 
They aren't perfect and i think the red one is crying on the inside, but I like them and it was fun to try my hand at following a pattern. 


  1. Okay i am so sorry this comment is 7 months late...but your monsters are super cute :)

  2. i love the image with the 5 monsters. i have a personal weblog called 5monsters.com and would like to use your image. Would that be ok?