Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Candy Creations

Candy makes everything better... right? 

These peppermint christmas tree ornaments are pretty "sweet". and fairly simple to make. Just take them out of thier wrappers, arrange them in a tree shape and glue them together. attach a sting and Tah Dah. you're finished. 

Candy Shish-kebobs are really easy and in expensive to make. Use them as party favors, gifts for your child's teacher, or as a thank you to the office receptionist.  

 A quick and simple way to add christmas cheer to you pillar candles. Run two pieces of double stick tape around the base and middle of the candle and one by one stick on the Candy Cane sticks. 

Small centerpiece trees can be made by sticking candies to foam cones found in the craft section of the local department store.