Friday, November 11, 2011

Inexpensive DIY Wall Art

#1 - Disney Princesses: Cut out the outline from a children's coloring book, or photocopy a page from a book and cut out a the silhouette of your favorite character. Use the cut out to draw the outline onto a canvas or thick paper. Paint in with your color of choice. 


#2 - Framed Wallpaper: Pick up some frames from garage sales or Thrift Stores. Wallpaper ends can be collected from thrift stores or from home decor stores. Take the frame apart, and use spray adhesive to affix to the wallpaper to the painting. Once dry pop it back in the frame. All Done. If the frames need it, paint with a matching color. 

#3 - Doily Collage: Pick up a canvas and some doily's in various sizes. Paint the doily's with colors of your choice. When they dry collage them onto the canvas with spray adhesive. 

#4 - Scrapbook Paper Art: Affix scrapbook paper with spray adhesive to your choice of backing, styrofoam blocks, cradled panels, or canvas. Hang in a group for a lovely home decor look.