Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Easy to Make - Milk and Cookie Costume

To make the milk container costume:
You'll need:
white 3-piece folding foam display board
red construction paper
precut block lettering
white face paint
X-acto knife
Tacky Glue

  1. Cut out openings for arms with the exacto knife on opposite sides of the display board. Try it on as you go to make sure it fits well. Mark where the board hits at the knees, so you can cut the bottom of the board horizontally, also mark where the face is so you can cut a round opening for the face. 
  2. At the top, cut the sides on an angle so they look like a milk carton.
  3. Using scissors, cut stripes and blocks out of the red construction paper to create the milk carton design. Glue the red shapes and block lettering onto the foam board.
  4. You can use white face paint to create a "Milky" complexion. Use white gloves and red pants for that extra fantastic touch.

For the cookie costume.
You'll need:
2 yards of pink fleece
1yd. light-tan fleece
48x1x24in. piece of foam
sewing machine or a needle and thread
spray adhesive
tacky glue
3yds. pink ribbon

  1. For the cream filling cut two 24in pink fleece circles.
  2. For the cookies cut two 24in light tan fleece circles.
  3. Cut two 22in foam circles for padding.
  4. For the icing, cut one 16in pink fleece circle with a wavy edge.
  5. Place one of the pink circles and one of the light tan circles together and stitch, leaving a 10inch or so opening. Turn the circles right side out insert a piece of foam and hand stitch the opening closed. 
  6. Using spray adhesive, afix the pink icing to the light tan fleece. Use tacky glue to affix sprinkles to the icing. 
  7. For the ties that hold the cookie on the shoulders, cut two 27in long pieces of ribbon, and hand stitch the ends of each to the strawberry cream side of the cookies, close tot he edge and about 7inches apart. 
  8. To make the back of the cookie, repeat steps 5 and 7. Tie the front and the back of the cookie together and over the shoulders. 

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