Saturday, October 1, 2011

Easy DIY Space Suit Costume

Use duct tape to create this easy costume for halloween. Great costume for kids and adults. 

White or Silver roll of Duct Tape
Red and blue duct tape 
T-shirt and pants that fit you or your child

Step 1: Lay the shirt on a flat surface and cover complete;ly with strips of white or silver duct tape, slightly overlapping each piece.

Step 2: Cut an opening down the back center of the shirt, form top to bottom. Cut small pieces of tape  and place sticky sides together and attache to the back of the shirt to make tabs. Add Velcro to the tabs to create a closer system down the back of the shirt. 

Step 3: Split the back of the pants by cutting down the back of each leg. Completely cover the pants with duct tape the same as you did the shirt. Use tabs and velcro to create tabs for closure on the pants.

Step 4: Cut Small strips of Red duct tape to create a flag on the sleeve of the shirt. Cut out small Stars from the blue duct tape and place on the flag. 

Step 5: stick a few pieces of red tape together to create a sheet of tape, carefully cut out an oval to place on the front of the shirt/space suit. Use  the blue tape to create USA lettering to go into the oval. 

Step 6: Cut a circle out of the blue tape and a 1/2" smaller circle out of the white or silver tape. Layer white over blue and place on the shirt sleeve that doesn't have the flag on it. Draw on stars or cut out of blue tape and stick on. 


  1. The question says it all. I need ideas for Halloween costumes that include a sniper rifle.
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