Thursday, October 13, 2011

Do it Yourself Costume MUMMY

First things first, Gather up the following:

Light colored long johns
5-6 yards of off white cotton or polyester-blend jersey (sheets will work too)
Safety Pins
Rubber Spiders (hello dollar store!!)
White shoes

Ready, Steady, MAKE
  1. Start by cutting fabric into 5inch wide strips.
  2. Have someone else put on the long john bottoms. Start at the ankles and wrpa strips of fabric around the legs and secure with safety pins. Keep wrapping the bandages pu the leg and around the hips, securing with pins as you go. 
  3. Get your dummy mummy to put on the top. Wrap the arms first then start at the bottom of the shirt and work your way up, fastening with pins as you go. 
  4. Tie pieces randomly. add a few knots here and there or wrap pieces on the diagonal and leave a few strips loose for that aged effect. 
  5. Get creative and glue a few spiders here and there.
  6. Wrap Strips around hands and the head. 
  7. When your halloweening is over you can disassemble with out any damage to the clothing underneath. 

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  1. Nice post! I love it! Halloween is just around the corner so I am searching for some nice homemade halloween costume ideas to try this year's Halloween. Thanks to you I just get some idea. thanks and keep sharing nice ideas.

    ~ Barbara