Thursday, October 13, 2011

Delicious Kitty Litter Cake

Making this cake is pretty simple. Get a cake mix and follow the directions, once cooled place it in the BRAND NEW** kitty litter pan. 
(**if you want to have a good laugh, take a mental note on who's eaten some of the cake and a while later casually mention you can't believe how clean the litter pan came. ha ha, the look on their face will be fan-freakin-tastic)

Anyways, once the cake is in the pan cover the top with a thin layer of icing, and a bunch of crushed up vanilla oreos or some kind of cookie similar in color. Microwave some tootsie rolls for a few seconds and squish the edges for that "Authentic Poop" look. drop the turds around the cake, drop a few in your mouth as you go!

Serve with a litter scoop. its gross and fun!

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