Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DIY - Upside Down Planter

Pull double DIY duty by transforming plastic soda bottles into a nice little herb garden that grows upside-down.
Tools and materials:
2L soda bottle 
Duct tape 
Hole puncher 
Thick twine or thin rope 

Use razor to cut off bottom third or so of soda bottle. 
Wrap duct tape around the bottom part of the soda bottle. 
Make sure that half of the duct tape is on the bottle and half is above it. 
Cut slits about 2-3? apart in the duct tape and fold over. 
Punch two holes about halfway down the duct tape. Cut two more on the opposite side. 
Cut string and thread through two of the holes form the outside in. Do the same on the other side. 
Find a nice sunny spot to hang your planter and add water to soak the soil 
until it drips through the opening. Cover the opening with some layers of 
cheesecloth, garden bark or mulch to help keep the soil moist and prevent 
rapid drying out of the soil.


  1. do you grow from seeds or stick a little seedling in the spout and add the soil on top like the topsy-turvy type tomoatoe potters?

  2. I used little seedlings that I started in the kitchen window.

  3. I love inventions made out of 2 liter bottles!