Thursday, September 29, 2011

Caning Fabric Dresser Makeover

Caning with its woven crisscrosses and columns pattern is popular for more than just chair seats lately. The easiest way to transfer this pattern to a tired old dresser is to use caning sheets as stencils. 

You'll Need:
A dresser
Blue or Green painters tape
Sheets of caning, Cut to the size of the drawer front
Spray adhesive
Enamel spray paint

Remove drawers from the dresser and use painters tape to the edges or any other area you do not want painted. (If the drawers have handles attached remove them and set aside)
Mist one side of the caning with spray adhesive and affix to the drawer front.
Position the drawer so its front is completely flat and faces up. Hold the spray paint can about 1 foot away from the drawer front and mist with light even strokes. Let dry a few minutes and removes caning.
Adhere caning to the next drawer and repeat the previous steps. You can use the same piece of caning 3-4 times, spraying each time with adhesive. 
The same treatment can be used with other stencils. Try Lace for a sultry look.