Monday, August 15, 2011

DIY - Dresser Makeover Part 2

Pictured as a storage-savvy kitchen island,  this dresser makeover is cute, cute CUTE!!
Find yourself a dresser, and give it a quick sanding to rough up the surface. Paint a coat of primer and then pick yourself a hot color. Paint that baby up!To add a flower stencil to the drawers you can cut out a stencil pattern similar to this one, which was inspired by the floral-print fabric and then dab on the paint, which is super fast -- no amazing artistic skills required!
If you have some artistic skill, sketch on a flower pattern, bust out the paint brushes and go to town. In no time you'll have a fresh, new revamped dresser. One of the easiest makeovers yet! A wallpaper dresser makeover is pretty neat too. Check it out here.