Monday, August 8, 2011

DIY - Dog Bed Part 2

Who would have guessed a vintage suitcase would be a cozy bed for your four legged friend? 

To make this dog bed, screw* furniture legs onto the bottom corners on the outside of the suitcase and attach felt furniture pads to each to protect your floor. *make sure to use short screws so they don't poke too far through the suitcase. You may want to glue craft foam to the interior if the screw poke through the bottom.

When propping the suitcase open, make sure to position the lid so it won't accidentally close on your pet. Layer the interior with a comfy blanket and your pet's new bed is finished. 

Added Bonus: This bed comes with convenient storage: 
Keep your pooch's toys in the storage pouch.

Dog Bed Part 1 is here.


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