Friday, August 19, 2011

Birdie Makeover - DIY Cabinet Project

Give your kitchen a whimsical feel with the bird transfer and twig handle. Evenly spaced drill holes create the bird's outline. 
What You'll Need:~ Latex paint~ 1/8-inch drill bit~ Image transfer

How to Make It:
    1. Fill any nicks with wood filler.
    2. Lightly sand each door to rough up the entire surface. For already-finished cabinetry, use a bonding primer to ensure new paint will stick.
    3. Find an image to transfer to the door.
    4. Lightly trace your image onto the surface.
    5. With a 1/8-inch drill bit, drill holes at even intervals around the outline.
    6. After drilling, sand, prime, and paint the door.
    7. Add new hardware.
    Tip: For kitchens or bathrooms, use two coats of gloss paint because it resists moisture and is easy to clean. For flat or eggshell finish, apply varnish or a clear coat over the paint for more durability.