Saturday, July 2, 2011

Need to Smile for a while?

Now once in a while I need a little cheering up, and its not always appropriate to chug a box of wine or push over a display rack, So I have to find another way. I turn to my oldest friend Ye ole internet. Sure there's lots of videos on YouTube that would probably make me laugh, but I don't have the patience to sit through the 2minute long video to get the "funny". I am a spoiled Internet surfer and if its not amusing me in 7seconds, I'm moving on sweetheart. 

So what's my impatient ass using for amusing? 

A collection of amusing and interesting comics. Natalie Dee's website seems to be updated pretty regularly, which works for my demanding want for MORE. She also sells shirts to keep her site funded. Check em out here. I am debating on buying the skull shirt or the Gangster one, they are both pretty sweet... maybe one day the Pigaloo shirt will be available.... a girl can dream.