Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DIY - Kitchen Island

Almost every kitchen could use an Island. Here's 3 examples of salvaged and re-worked items to inspire you in your DIY kitchen adventure!

First up, Yee Old Wash bin. You can mount this puppy on painted metal legs to match the wash bin or maybe  a repurposing of old table legs or staircase spindles is in order. Notice the Drawer pull fastened to the side. You can never go wrong with an additional hand towel.

Cause we all have a Vintage CocaCola cooler laying around right? Well maybe your "found item" isn't a cool vintage cooler, but that doesn't mean it can't be red and shiny. Gloss it over with a nice thick coat of paint. Handy dandy is the bottom shelf, good for your "super posh" water... or cases of Kraft dinner... its really your choice.
Last, but not least. Our good buddy the shopping cart island. After a long life of endless trips across cold parking lots carting around other peoples groceries, children and worldly possessions, a shopping cart deserves a nice cushy kitchen job. Storage under the butchers block and on the bottom shelf will come in super handy, and a few "S" hooks through the metal grate makes for even more storage. You'll be so happy with this shopping cart to kitchen island transformation you won't even notice the bummed front wheel anymore!