Monday, July 18, 2011

DIY - Floating Candles

How cute and fun are these candle holders? To make em yourself, Here's what you'll need. 

5 or 6 wooden picture frames OR If you are extra handy, make your own rectangles with wood glue and square dowling.

Wood glue

20-24 eye-hooks

Spray paint in your color choice. 


Small Candles

6 "S" hooks

Play with the frames you've got to find a pleasing arrangement, and glue them together. Once dry twist in the eye-hooks to hang the entire piece. Head on outside and spray paint the whole lot.
Try and control your excitement as you watch the paint dry. (I often end up with fingerprints in my "almost dry" paint because I'm too eager to get the next step underway!) while its drying you can measure the chain to see how low you'd like it to hang. Screw in the eye-hooks to the ceiling and attach the chain with "S" hooks. 

Now that the paint has dried, attach the candles with a bit of melted wax and hang that baby up!! Lookin good my friend.