Monday, June 27, 2011

Creating value with Brand Identity

Good Design is Good Business says Tom Watson, former chairman of IBM.

Creating value is the indisputable goal of most organizations. The best companies consistently demonstrate their value through the superior quality of their products and services and their unswerving dedication to meeting their customers needs, the best Brand Identities are the most public and widely communicated symbols of that value. 

When the Brand Identity is viewed as an important asset to the company by senior management it has the ability to actively build trust and promote awareness. It is a competitive advantage and has the ability to position the company above the crowd. 

This Identity is a symbol of the corporate culture and engenders pride. It extends customer loyalty through familiarity and paired with an effective Brand Strategy has the ability to build synergies across business lines. 
"Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind." -Walter Landor
"I am irresistible, I say, as I put on my designer fragrance. I am a merchant banker, I say, as I climb out of my BMW. I am a juvenile lout, I say, as I pour an extra strong lager, I am handsome, I say, as I put on my Levi jeans" -John Kay