Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Paper, Plastic, Canvas?

I came across this article in The Daily Heller asking if there can be too much of a good thing... Specifically Tote Bags. Sure its great that they cut down on the Evil Plastic BAG, but when discarded thier thick often plastic material will take LONGER to break down in landfills than the original plastic bag. Oh me Oh my, what to do?

I don't MEAN to be "Pro Plastic" but the last time I went to my stock pile of grocery bags to grab one for garbage, I thought: "oh crap. I'm running out of plastic bags!! huh... didn't see that coming." I guess I'll have to buy some garbage bags, which has been strange ever since my friend pointed out the ridiculousness of buying something with the intention of throwing it away.

I wonder what the next great "Pro environment" item will be? Woven baskets? On your own personal Donkey? ooohhhh....
"Lapdog? uhh... thats SO last year, you should get a Donkey! It like, totally carries my stuff for me"
New Use for Tote Bags!