Monday, May 9, 2011

Are. You. Kiddin' me?

Announcing the IHOP at Home line of premium frozen breakfast items inspired by the craveable flavors IHOP is known and loved for...available at your local Walmart Supercenter Store.
The List of Offenders:
French Toast Stuffed Pastries - stuffed with strawberry cream cheese (uhh, drool)
Omelet Crispers - bacon, sausage, or cheese (Get in my mouth please)
Griddle 'n Sausage Wraps - breakfast sausage stuffed inside "maple syrup-tinged pancake batter" (Holy shit, i'll take 7)

Whoa, whoa woah! Wait a second.... 14grams of FAT! Do these delights come with a personal trainer??? a fat sucking machine?? what the hell.
Now I can't UNknow that these exist. Shiiiiiittttt.... looks like I have another great reason to avoid Walmart.